Apart from the view of the psychologists that cuddling is so important and may be worth paying for, cuddling is factually good for your health. Cuddling releases chemicals like oxytocin which creates a sense of well-being and happiness Endorphins are also released when you cuddle as it want you to have great feelings for your partner. Cuddling also makes you feel and breathe good. In fact, you should cuddle more because cuddling enhances our mood and makes us feel protected and safe. Apart from having s*x,  I will enlist some reasons why you need to cuddle often.

  1. Oxytocin : Oxytocin is a powerful chemical. It can also be referred to as the “cuddle hormone”. According to a research from the University of California, Oxytocin aid men to exhibit more affection and also form deep social relationships.
  2. Cuddling soothens anxiety and nervous system : Cuddling aid in balancing our nervous system. The galvanic skin response of the person receiving or giving a cuddle can change the skin conductance.
  3. Cuddling helps your relationship : Cuddling brings both parties closer the more even when fighting or in a bad mood. Constant cuddling is pivotal for a long term relationship satisfaction.
  4. It reduces your blood pressure and stress : Constant and consistent cuddling between partners induces tremendous amount of oxytocin like I said earlier. It lower blood pressure and heart rate. It us important to note that oxytocin is inevitable when you cuddle because it’s known to be a bonding hormone.
  5. Helps sleep better: Cuddling makes you sleep better because it makes you have the feeling that someone is by your side; so you have nothing to worry about.
  6. Cuddling initiates: When you hug someone who is not in the mood, it makes them calm. When you cuddle,  it can lead to having s*x even when you are not in the mood to. A study shows that partners who spend enough time cuddling and k*ssing are very much contented with their s*x lives.
  7. Feels good : Cuddling makes you feel extraordinarily happy and yippee. Try it today. It feels good.
  8. Communicate smoothly : Cuddling makes you communicate smoothly when you don’t know how to express yourself to your partner. Here, both parties will not be facing each other and you will only be seeing each other’s back; this will make you communicate promptly and freely.