It’s no gainsaying that most people love s*x but some people are addicted and obsessed with it. It’s gradually becoming unbecoming for them because it’s beyond their control. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone and it is not a disease. One of the reasons is because you have high lib*do. However, some people might argue that it’s due to one’s experience; perhaps rape or se*ual abuse. The truth is that we cannot absolutely say that the exact reason for s*x addiction is this. If we post the question to the public, many persons will give different versions of reasons. Whatever the reason maybe, our focus here is how we will be able to cure your s*x addiction problem. Let’s consider the following:

  1. Visit a s*x addiction therapist: The very first thing I will advise you do is, seek the council of a s*x addiction therapist. Don’t worry your secret is safe with them, so be absolutely open with them. Don’t hide anything whatsoever. S*x addiction therapy focus on s*x education, trauma history, abstinence and many more. This procedure will let you know how the whole s*x addiction thing happened and how you will gradually detach yourself from it. Don’t be discouraged because it can take four to five years to recover but at least it worths it. S*x addiction has destroyed many homes and relationships. Try it and be whole again.
  2. Go for lessons: As an addict go to different gatherings where people share their stories as s*x addicts. You will be able to hear different versions of how others became s*x addict and what they are doing to ameliorate or cure it. One thing you should have in your mind if you want to help yourself is the desire to cure this quandary. Don’t be shy, rather be enthusiastic to know more. At least there you will know you are not alone in this.
  3. Control your thoughts: Many s*x addicts always get lost in thoughts. When they see the opposite s*x, they get lust and all they think about is having s*x with the person. Why not try this: focus on something positive you don’t like doing or go out and make sure you are always in the public? Get busy always. I believe when you are too busy, you will be stressed, tired and exhausted to think about s*x. I know it doesn’t really sound helpful but there is no reason in castigating what you’ve never tried before and even if you’ve tried it before, try it the more. Rome isn’t built in a day. Besides, always channel your thoughts towards what you love doing apart from s*x. Trust me, it works.

Note: follow these steps and adhere to the prescription and medication of the therapist. I believe everything will be fine before you know it.