When you get married to someone you love, the world belongs to both of you and you do things freely without hindrance or perturbation from anybody. You plan a lot of things and enjoy your marriage in freedom. After a couple of months of enjoyment and “ peaceful moments”, a baby comes into the picture.  Though, the news of a baby is  delightful,  wonderful and meaningful. It means the result or reward of a good marriage is gradually coming into place. But reality sets in directly  and indirectly because having a baby comes with a lot of responsibilities and dedications. It’s indeed a life changing moment when a baby sets in; so it’s not a big deal or a gigantic quandary when couples find themselves running into marriage challenges and arguing over an innocent baby who disturbs. However, imagine you have two babies at the same time; that means your responsibilities and dedication increase ceaselessly. The house or the little space/place you occupy will be too occupied and there are so many things you can’t do freely anymore with your spouse especially when the kids are around. Here are five ways your relationship changes after having kid(s):

  1. At-home habit changes especially after another being occupies your corner: When a new baby arrives, there is love for the baby but one way or another the love shown to the baby affects their relationship. The time dedicated by the mother in breastfeeding and looking after regardless the s*x affects the husband. This makes the husband detach himself from some responsibilities over the baby selfishly.  For instance,  when the baby poos. Hence,  this induce jealousy which can somewhat destroy the marriage.
  2. You will cherish the little spent together: After a long day at work, you come back home to do the needful by taking care of the kids, cleaning the house and lots more. This is very tiring but pertinent. It makes the time the couple spend together absolutely special.
  3. Disturbance by the baby during s*x is a major point: Months after the first baby comes in, the s*x life of the couples changes. For instance, while having s*x and the baby starts to cry, the mother has no choice than to stand up and answer her crying baby. The truth is she cannot satisfy two persons at a time, so she has to attend to the crying baby. This may or will anger and depress the husband because it was at the height of pleasure that the baby disturbed. That’s one of the ways the changes come into play.
  4. Complaint, Avoidance, Conflict and many more becomes the order of the day: You will mostly fight about house works except you understand each other. For instance, if the baby poos, the couple might be pushing it to each other. Another case in point is that both parties will begin to feign sympathy for each other just to suit the emotional desire of the other. Gradually, both parties start to complain and they start avoiding each other.
  5. The thought of divorcing: The thought of divorcing might start kicking in one’s head just because ones partner does not give or get the attention and satisfaction needed. A time will come when you start to feel that person you call “Mr perfect “ or “Miss perfect” starts behaving like the president of all wrongdoings. When both parties joke about babysitting, the joke can even induce fight which gradually makes the marriage frustrating.