5 Disadvantages Of Dating A Rich Guy


Hello everyone, my name is Miss Cokie. We Girls are gold diggers by default, and only the reasonable ones tend to struggle for a personal self esteem and respect.

Here are (5) five disadvantages of dating a rich guy: 

1. Used And Dumped: If you pour an old wine inside a new wine, we all know what’s going to happen?. Oh yes, you guessed right. He will use you and dump you.

2. He Won’t Marry You: Rich guys don’t marry a liability. For heavan sake you’re a broke girl, reaping from where you did not sow. A rich guy would only marry a rich girl, who can share financial burdens with him.

3. You Will Be A Laughing Stock: This one is self explanatory. We have fish stock, beef stock , chicken stock, and rich guys love all of them, but what they don’t like is a laughing stock.

4. You’re A Consumer Not A Creator: Imagine going out on a date with a rich guy, and your broke ass consumes 10 raps of moi moi , chicken bread, pizza and big size coke. Rich girls don’t eat like a Buffalo.

5. Experimental Site: Breast harvesting, legs and hand harvest, skull harvesting is still rampant, please don’t fall victims all in the bid to date or marry a rich guy. A rich guy will show you pepper because he knows you’re nothing but a gold digger hustling to dig gold in his life, therefore he would be prepared to harvest you, since he already sowed his seed.

Hello to the real women out there, working effortlessly day and night to become a rich lady. Your hustle will be fulfilled someday. You will meet a rich guy that will cherish and love you.