Being faithful means not cheating but when I thought about it more, I came to the conclusion that being faithful in a relationship is so much more than not having physical intimacy with someone else. In a perfect world, we are all perfect people and aren’t unfaithful in any capacity. But the world isn’t perfect, neither are we perfect people.

To me, being faithful in a relationship isn’t a list of what you ought and what you ought not to do, rather it’s a verb – an action word; just like love is. It is a verb that has the power to foster so much love and joy and memorable moments, where all you can do is just look at your spouse, exhale, and grin like a Cheshire cat.

The choice to be unfaithful doesn’t disappear just because you say “I do”, either in marriage or when you accept the responsibilities attached to having a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Life is a lot longer than a summer fling!

Being faithful to your spouse is a physical commitment (physical intimacy). A mental commitment (in the mind). An emotional commitment (reserving invested emotional energy and closeness for them alone). A spiritual commitment (joint in prayer and as one body).

I’ve never known men to be faithful to woman. In my lifetime I can’t recall ever meeting a man who prided himself on his faithfulness to his woman. Then of course you have the women who think they understand men and swear that they’ve met millions of faithful men, but for some reasons they’re single still. And lastly, there are women who thought their dads were Superman and could do no wrong but had no clue what they were doing behind their backs.

To stay faithful in a relationship is better than anything as it provides:

  1. A peace beyond one’s understanding
  2. Chronic happiness
  3. An uncontrollable sense of pride
  4. A strong confidence
  5. Love that feels like a fairy tale
  6. A security by your side
  7. A drama-free love life
  8. An incomparable sex life
  9. A real connection with one’s human being
  10. Unexplainable and uncontainable success

If you’ve found that woman or man you can trust and build with, give faithfulness a fair shot. Settle down and love all of him/her and only them. Be faithful to your spouse and watch the doors be unlocked in every other area of your life. You’ll experience a peace and clarity about life that you didn’t think was possible.

Trust me. I’ve done it all when it comes to relationships and nothing in the world compares with this feeling.